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Welcome to the dragon lands!

Terre del Drago - Rocca Grimalda B&B

Rocca Grimalda is located in the province of Alexandria, a land characterized by the presence of townships and castles that have, over time, assumed a strategic role in defending the land and bringing us back to ancient history.

And perhaps this is why the shape, drawn from the provincial border,  resembles  that of a dragon, a mythical creature present in the collective imagination of many cultures as a guardian of manners, treasures and magic places and bearer of knowledge.

Traveling through the "Lands of the Dragon", you can rediscover often unjustly forgotten wonders, immersing yourself in a magical dimension that only the charm and the silence of these places can still give us.

From here a great idea was born to build a Hobbit house (unique in Europe dedicated to tourists) recreating the setting and atmosphere of Tolkien's tales.

There is a wood  fence with a gate that delimits the area. 

When passing this threshold you immediately feel projected into another reality.

Suddenly you are no longer in Rocca Grimalda, you are no longer in Piedmont, you are no longer in Italy, but as for enchantment,  you are in the "Middle Land".

A stone path through a flower garden leads to the large round door, with an ancient bench beside it.

Inside the house there is a large bedroom with a double bed and a bunk bed for children, a fireplace, a bathroom and ... a salt grotto!... all under a dome shaped ceiling that resembles the volcano

Elanor's Garden
The entrace door
The garden
The room
The middle edge
The cave
The bath-room
With perwincles
The door
The breakfast room
Inside room
The little dragon
Breakfast room
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