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B & B Pervinca is the ideal accommodation for families or groups of friends, as it has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a sauna, all located on the ground floor for a total of 860 square feet.

The house is surrounded by a large, fully fenced garden where children can play safely and adults can  relax in the shade  or delight in preparing lunches or dinners outdoors using  the barbecue or the wood-burning oven that give  the unique flavor of grilled meat or pizza cooked in the wood oven.


SPIRIT-ROOM: warm and welcoming room featuring a rich collection of Italian and foreign beers. To make the room more intimate there is a wood fireplace next to which, during the cool autumn or winter cold winter nights, you can spend moments of pure relaxation reading a book or sipping a good wine.

LAPPISH-ROOM: Lappish style room with wrought iron bed and antique furniture without window shutters, but with thick curtains that, if desired, let  in a glimmer of light  and enable you to wake up gently from the sunrise. The room is always cool, even when the summer  offers  us its warmest face, thanks to the structure of its stone walls that are 80 cm thick.   A Finnish reindeer over  the bed complements the environment.

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